Philly Foodworks Review

Philly Foodworks Review

High-quality, sustainably produced food selections.

From farm to market, Philly Foodworks is an online distributor of local food.  It revolves around sustainability and goodwill among the community of urban farmers. 

Their affinity for honest-to-goodness farming blends well with modern innovations. Everything one might need to sustain the daily necessities can be bought with a few clicks. Customers can shop a variety of fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and other dairy products, baked goods, pantry items, and prepared food without needing to dash out the door. Apart from food, they also offer a range of home and beauty products. It is truly a one-stop online shop.

Customers are presented with a unique choice of ala carte or subscription. They are all for a personal shopping experience, so they allow the consumers to customize their cart fully. An exclusive element of this company is its prepaid subscriptions. They let the customer choose the produce they consume the most and deliver it systematically with their chosen frequency. Fruits, meat or milk, vegetables, delivered weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly like clockwork. This system promotes stability for local farmers while bringing homes all-natural, hand-picked produce whenever they need it.

Every product is held up to the highest standards. Vendors are chosen carefully with a meticulous rubric. Aside from the quality of the product, the health and safety protocols are at the top of the list. The company only chooses suppliers that upholds the same values as theirs – the holistic welfare of farms and the environment.  

The challenging part of their trade is getting the perishable goods delivered on time. When transit takes too long, the risk of spoiled, rotten products is high. Philly Foodworks has thought their system through to a T so that their customers get their goods as fresh as can be. The Greater Philadelphia region will have-farm fresh produce right at their doorstep thanks to their well-organized logistics and user-friendly website. Customers benefit from quick home deliveries that get driver assignments in a day. They also offer flexible arrangements so that customers can get their packages at their preferred time and day.

A free community pick-up is designed for maximum convenience. This local food service has arranged over sixty pick-up locations all around the city. Philly Foodworks has partnered with other local businesses, schools, restaurants, boutiques, and more so that customers can drop by and get their food package from the most accessible place in their area.

If convenience is not enough reason for Philadelphia residents and businesses to support this food company, the charitable cause behind the store will push anyone to patronize.

Indeed, their company goes beyond business and profit. Their partnership with Greensgrow Farms called SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) program supports increased food access to the neighbors in need and encourages customers to support the cause.

This groundbreaking online market serves as the link between the farms and the suburbs. Access to organic food will never be a problem with their subscription and supplemental options. This network is built on heart and connects the people who matter through farm-fresh food.